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Create Your Own Painting!

No.of.Sessions: 10 | 20


We hold regular classes for beginner (with no skills) and experienced students. Close guidance in a relaxed and stress free environment will rejuvenate your senses and energize you to try more.

We have designed the program to confidently take you through the various stages of mastering the medium. This program is for participants with little or no experience. It aims to provide rich and vital environment to make sense of the world around you.

Many who try painting as a leisure activity find it challenging. With individual instructions and demonstrations, participants feel confident creating an astounding piece.

STAGE I begins with formal elements of drawing, colour and painting techniques. The course supports students who seek to explore their ability in art and build foundation knowledge in techniques and aesthetics of oil painting. This program would build confidence, and enable you to move to STAGE II of this program.

STAGE II takes you further in details of colour theory and application of techniques. A wide variety of subjects will be provided for selection. The instructor will help you finalize a piece keeping your experience and ability in mind so that learning remains stress free and enjoyable one.

Those who complete STAGE I & II will move towards doing advanced works.The length of each stage depends on individual pace and ability

Mediums (Choose on your own!)

  • Oil Painting
  • Sketching

Contact: Mr.Dass, Manager-Programmes on 9902739994