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Albert Einstein said that "Creativity is intelligence having fun." 

He also said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Many corporates and businesses today are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce workplace stresses, and provide preventative health care training and education. Corporations will find that the arts evoke responses and create outcomes that are different from traditional training and personal development programs. Doing art reveals patterns and structures from which insight can be gained to foster personal creativity 
and productivity. It releases tension and often demonstrates that order can be created out of chaos.
Our sessions can be designed to focus on objectives ranging from stress reduction and relaxation to team building and developing creativity in the workplace. We can design topics around business/education needs on a wide variety of subjects, specialized to any audience. Each presentation includes hands-on art experiences to provide participants with the opportunity to use alternative approaches to communicating ideas and problem solving.
Location of the seminars can be determined by the customer. We can conduct workshops at their designated location or at our main studio.

Konsult Art Academy conducts the following programmes for Corporates:

>> Art Events for Schools / Colleges / Corporates

>> School promotions

>> Theme based kids events 

>> Camps for Summer / Winter

>> Creative Workshops 

>> Parties / Birthday Parties
>> Art Therapy
>> Specialised Classes for Employees
>> Classes for Employees Children
>> Stress Buster Workshop for Executives
>> Team Building through Art 
>> Outdoor Activity


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