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Art Classes for Children and Young

Drawing and Painting Classes for Children and Young

Drawing and Painting Classes for Beginners

  • Kinder Artist (3 years to 5 years)
  • Budding Artist (6 to 9 years)
  • Young Artist (10 to 13 years)
  • Specialist (13+ years)

This is a very special art hobby learning programme designed for our juniors to sow seeds of creativity and love for learning art at an early age. Children work around carefully designed, range of 2D and 3D art activities. They also participate in interactive and cultural arts. Students are exposed to sketching, painting,craft, clay creative art, using various mediums and materials. This brings out their self-expression, improves concentration, refines motor skills and channelizes their energy in a positive direction.
Kinder Artist comprises of 3 levels, Budding Artist is 3 levels and Young Artist is at 3 level. Students are provided an award on successful completion of each level. The program establishes strong fundamentals to move on to the next level from the previous one. A child can start his art journey from Kinder Artist level and step up to Specialist level continuously. The progression is very well structured and focussed.
The Approach

Kinder Artist (3 years to 5 years)



  • Orange (20 Sessions)
  • Purple (20 Sessions)
  • Green (20 Sessions)


Starts from basic – Straight line>>> Curved Lines>>> Shapes>>> Proportions>>> Shading>>> Black & White>>> Understanding Colours>>>> Shapes converting to figures>>> Dotted Lines>>> Step by Step >>> 3D Effects>>> Just like learning a Cycle>>> Gain confidence>>> Out of box thinking>>> Shapes >>> Figures>>> Animals>>> Landscape>>> Objects>>> Daily Life>>>Move on to make on own art work

Budding Artist (6 to 9 years)


  • Bronze (20 Sessions)
  • Silver (20 Sessions)
  • Gold (20 Sessions)


>> Drawing & Composition

>> Thematic Expression   
>> Painting on Poster
>> Artist study     
>> Drawing from imagination        
>> Observational drawing 
>> Creative art
>> Colour sense   
>> Brush skills     
>> Cutting & Pasting


Young Artist (10 to 13 years)


  • Basic - 3 Levels (20 Sessions)
  • Intermediate - 3 Levels (20 Sessions)
  • Advanced - 3 Levels (20 Sessions)


>> Sketching        

>> Drawing         
>> Experimental art
>> Composition & Perspective
>> Landscape / Outdoor  
>> Still Life
>> Human Figures 
>> Observational Drawing
>> Conceptual Drawings

The learning is structured and steps up as the child moves from one art work to another. In each class after the child completes an art work then he/she moves on to "creative work". In this part, special focus on creative learning with a topic given on the art learnt in the class. The child builds a story around the topic and is encouraged to create on his/her own.

The content mentioned is only an indicator of the activities but not limited. Our dynamic educators and artists bring new concepts and creative ideas constantly to keep our children up the curve in visual arts scene

Contact: Mr.Dass, Manager-Programmes on 9902739994



Specialist Level: (Young & Adults) - 13 years & Above

  • Oil Painting (60 Hours)
  • Poster Colours (60 Hours)
  • Charcoal Drawings (60 Hours)
  • Sketching & Shading (60 Hours)